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The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.
- Carl Sagan

Connection to the cosmos?

According to physicists, prior to the Big Bang, there was an enormous, rapid expansion, called Cosmic inflation that “permeated empty space,” and was fueled by a “mysterious energy.” Perhaps we all contain this same mysterious, creative energy. 


Most of us spend our days too preoccupied with other matters to recall our connection with all-that-is. By practicing yoga and meditation we come into deeper alignment with our own light, and our true selves. Becoming conscious of our connection to all of life, while remaining light and playful, we also become aware of our true creative potential.


Who should practice Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga?

Traditional Kundalini Tantra Yoga is for anyone who wishes to awaken their true nature and full potential yet has no attachment to any particular outcome. Adults 18+ are welcome.


Do I have to have experience practicing yoga?

It is not necessary to have any experience with yoga, as there is no pressure to conform to a perfect alignment. The heart of Traditional Kundalini Tantra yoga rests on following one’s own inner alignment.  It is ideal for anyone interested in a form of yoga that accommodates all levels, from beginner to advanced. That said, it is best suited to those already engaged in a meditative or spiritual practice. 


What if I miss a class/chakra week?

No problem. Drop-ins are welcome. Please contact me directly with any specific questions or concerns.


Why are there no class recordings available?

The essence of Cosmic Light Yoga is to provide a communal, meditative experience and allow the group’s energy to guide each session. We practice with intention, presence and playfulness – these are conducive to live gatherings. Watching a video is a passive experience that cannot match the experience of practicing in real time. Though techniques and poses are consistent, the energy of each class varies. As a communal practice, it fosters connection with self, others and the cosmos, which is best practiced together, in real time. 


Where can I learn about Traditional Kundalini Tantra philosophy?

There are many sources to explore. Please see our Resources for more information.

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